Welcome from Dean Nolan

Welcome to our blog.  I’m Colleen Nolan, Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.  I’m teaming up with students from different majors within the School to post information that we think provides a look inside the different departments at Shepherd, some of our faculty, and the life of a “typical” Shepherd Ram.  I hope that you’ll take some time to check out each of our profiles now and when we add new bloggers.   Here in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics we have a diversity of student organizations and potential majors.  We are excited about the pre-admission programs for students interested in medical, dental and pharmacy schools (STEP programs) and the success our students have in entering graduate programs or the work force.

Last year was an exciting one in our school.  A number of faculty were recognized for their hard work and dedication.  Dr. Edward Snyder of the Institute of Environmental and Physical Sciences was named the West Virginia Professor of the Year and a Distinguished University Professor.  Dr. Carol Plautz of the Biology Department was recognized by the Council on Undergraduate Research Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year (only one of three in the nation) and she was named the Outstanding Teacher at Shepherd University.  The Department of Computer Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering held the first ever ShepRobo Fest and students in the robotics club placed third in a competition in Trinity College International Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest and RoboWaiter Competition in Hartford, Connecticut, on April 9 and 10 and were the only U.S. team to place in the senior division of the fire fighting category.  The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics has finished the first year of a three year grant to provide stipends for undergraduate students to conduct research with faculty and many of the school faculty were successful in receiving grants to support research activities.

This year we have welcomed four new faculty – two in mathematics, one in biology and one in physics.  We have developed first year experience courses for students majoring in biology, environmental studies and computer sciences, mathematics and engineering.   On behalf of the students, faculty and staff of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics I hope you check back often to read about our activities for this year.

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