Popcorn and Gloop!

Hey everyone! My name is Vanessa Furby, and I am a junior Biology Education major here at Shepherd University! Wednesdays are typically busy for me; with a day full of classes and labs, there’s hardly time for much else,but today was special because I had two events to attend! Today was “Popcorn day” and Shep-o-treat!

Popcorn day is an event that my fraternity, Sigma Pi Epsilon, hosted; we made a whole bunch of popcorn and sold it to students in Snyder and Byrd (the science buildings at Shepherd). The event went rather well; we sold about 20 bags of popcorn!

The other event that was held today was hosted by Shepherd University; hep-o-reat is an event where kids from around the area go and trick-or-treat on Shepherd’s campus. The students at the residence halls sit and give out candy! The fraternities are able to get involved by setting up tables in the student centerto hand out candy and entertain the kids in some way. Sigma Pi Epsilon, being the chemistry fraternity, made “gloop” and a little (vinegar and baking soda) volcano for the kids! “Gloop” is a silly putty-like substance that is made from glue, water, and borax; the kids really seemed to enjoy the slimy texture of the gloop, and they thouroghly loved the fact that it turned into a bouncy ball after it dried! The kids also liked the little volcano we did; they were so captivated by it! All of the kids, in their cute little costumes, were so adorable! The kids really made the night fun; and everyone was so nice–it was turly a great experience! Shepherd hosts a bunch of events like this; you get to meet new people, and have fun doing it! 

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