Science majors having fun!

Howdy everyone!! My name is Maria Espiridion (but everyone calls me Maggie) and I am a graduating senior biology major here at Shepherd University.

 I would like to extend a very well-deserved congrats to everyone: You have officially survived the Fall 2011-2012 semester! From all the final projects and final examinations we had to complete, it must be quite a breath of fresh air to be out of the classroom for winter break, right? Hopefully everyone achieved the scores they hoped to achieve in all their classes and have settled in at home for the holidays.

 Although it’s less than a month away, the spring semester is upon us! I would like to extend a warm welcome to all those Biology/Chemistry/Biochemistry majors and minors, or even those simply interested in the sciences, to consider rushing Beta Beta Beta and/or Sigma Pi Epsilon!

 For those of us not in the know, Beta Beta Beta is Shepherd University’s nationally recognized and Sigma Pi Epsilon is the university’s chemistry fraternity. Every semester, each group will host a rush week, which is an entire week of various events dedicated to inviting interested students into the club. These events range from group breakfasts before labs to games of chemical jeopardy! Not only will interested students get to have the opportunity to join the organizations, but they will also get the chance to make friends with other students within their majors. 

BBB president Lauren Gates making apple-nutella-marshmallow mouth treats at Shep-O-Treat

Of course, the fun doesn’t end there! Throughout the year, members are encouraged to attend weekly meetings, where we discuss ideas for fundraisers, community service events, organizational unity events, and much more! For the upcoming semester, our biggest project to be discussed revolves around Relay for Life, the overnight fundraising event that is annually hosted at Shepherd. Usually, members look forward to hosting the annual Chili Cook-Off fundraiser for Relay!

 While each organization dedicates plenty of time to community service and fun events, Beta Beta Beta and Sigma Pi Epsilon take pride in their academic requirements and expect their members to uphold them. Because the majority of the members are science majors, it’s not difficult to find a friend or two to study with for upcoming exams in certain courses. 

This year’s Sigma Pi Epsilon Quiz Bowl representatives!

At the end of the year, each organization hosts their respective banquets where members, faculty, and alumni are invited to mingle and have a great time outside of the labs and classrooms. Throughout the course of the semester, members vote on the location, cost, and the menu for the end of the year banquets and members are encouraged to attend and have a good time. 

A lovely group picture from the 2011 SPE banquet.


 So if you are a science major, or simply have a passion for the sciences, and are interested in expanding your social and academic network, keep an eye open for various poster advertisements or whiteboard/chalkboard messages around Byrd and Snyder regarding each organization’s respective rush weeks! Beta Beta Beta and Sigma Pi Epsilon have several events planned for the upcoming semester and we’d love for you to be a part of our family!



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